Posted: March 18th, 2016

The legal approach of the different markets in Maghreb

This essay must be designed as a kind of analysis of the different legal systems constituting the comparative law environment. This study will refer to the fundamental principles of international law relating to the regulation of trade and foreign investments and will also develop a comparative approach between the different legal systems so as to understand how comparative law problems are treated in different situations.

The subject about this essay is: The legal approach of the different markets in Maghreb

The essay should be around 15 pages long and to make it approachable to professional and non-professional readers, you should divide the exercise into 3 main parts including the principal aspects and the interest of the topic itself, the advantages and the limits together with possible drawbacks. Example 1 : -In the first part, you will introduce the main aspects or characteristics of the topic such as implementing cosmetics business in China with a legal system mainly influenced by the Civil Law but also by the Common Law. -In the second part, you will underline the advantages of the system, such as the application of the Civil Law principles to European investors and the flexibility of the Common Law in Hong Kong. -In the third part, you will point out the limits and restrictions imposed by the Chinese Law through “ socialist principles “, protectionist measures, setting up of a joint venture with a local partner…. Finally, it is essential that you should end the third part by a kind of conclusion summarising both advantages and limits. Example 2 : A project on a international contract of sale ruled by Civil Law principles could be developed as follows : -1st part : The specificity of the Civil Law system on the international level and the contract as an instrument to penetrate foreign markets…-2nd part : The harmonization and the safety of standard clauses in a “ model “contract applicable to the majority of Civil Law countries from the European Union to South American markets and based on the work of codification…-3rd part : The problem of using such a contract in Anglo-Saxon markets or the rejection of a “ codified “ contract by customary and religious legal systems…. Personal recommendation and potential course of action can be expressed in the conclusion.

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