Posted: April 8th, 2015

Learning style

Learning style

1. Learning style (1000 words) : in this part we had some activities in the class such as questionnaire to evaluate my style if Iam activist, reflector, pragmatist, and theorist you can find this questionnaire evaluation attached in file3+4 as pdf, my result was (reflector). The lecture in file2. Use references to underpin the reflection as you can see in the sample file 1
2. Communication skills(1500 words)
The lecture was activity in communication skills face to face with my tutor and my partners in the class to talk about our experiences we faced in our field in communication with patient, staff, and students such as difficult patient, strict staff, students mistakes… …etc. In addition, I attend class about communication skills between radiographers with patient. Our tutor play recorder by ‘You-tube’ the story was radiographer communicating with patient to tell him the result of the procedure or to say bad news. What are the skills to use when you communicate in this issue (for radiographers are not authorised to say the result of patient or bad new only the specialist), and also we talked about the verbal and non-verbal communication. I want you to make a story about communication barrier I faced as an example and this lecture gave me an idea how to deal or communicate for this issue, and what this lecture will do for me in the future. (Follow the sample file1).
Part (2): Two performance Indicators:
I had chosen two performance indicators in this module I acquired:
1. Academic poster(500 words):
In this module I have learned how to design poster for case studies and critical literature review for my field in radiology to know the skills in the future and present the posters in the conferences. In addition, I learned how to critique literatures and summarised them to put them in poster. I have done a poster about (Is CT Colonography a More Sensitive Screening Test Than Conventional Colonoscopy among Adult Patients Suspected with Colorectal Carcinoma?)
You can add some skills I learned how to make academic poster in radiology.

2. Ultrasound Gallblader (500 words):
I attended some master classes in ultrasound about pathologies, image interpretation, and anatomy. I have been interested in ultrasound Gallbladder. Talk about this Gallbladder pathology with references. I made critical review and reflection about it and I put it in my own portfolio. This part extended my knowledge, and gave me opportunity to search, critique, and reflecting what I interested in. In addition, in the future it will help me to know the Gallbladder and give me an idea about the abnormality in Endoscopy. Please give the relation between ultrasound in Gallbladder and Endoscopy because Iam specialist in General x-ray and Endoscopy. The knowledge of the ultrasound in Gallbladder acquired will be valuable in the future when engaging in research in practice.

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