Posted: April 5th, 2015



Project description
Create a Word document that includes a network diagram, a set of configuration listings, a selection of diagnostic and discovery commands, and a short written summary answering the questions listed below.

2.Use Visio to draw a small Local Area Network that consists of one router, two switches, and two PCs basically in this layout: PC1 – Switch1 – Router – Switch2 – PC2. Copy and paste your diagram on to the second page of your Word document.
3.Beginning with page three, write out the full configuration of ALL of the devices in your network to include two IPv4 subnets with the appropriate IP addresses, subnet masks, default gateways, and VLAN1 addresses. Include names for the devices and provide secure passwords at all levels of the network appliances. Include SSH on the router.
4.On a new, separate page, write out the full command line syntax to (1) save the configurations; (2) verify connectivity from one PC through the network to the other PC (use two different commands to do this); (3) display the saved configuration of the devices; and (4) display the routing table.
5.On your last page, answer the following: What part of this project was the most difficult and why? Do you feel more confident in your ability to actually build this kind of a network having completed this project? Why or why not?

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