Posted: May 26th, 2015



Order Description

1500-2000 word essay
Title page
2. formal sentence outline (outline must contain a least 4 supporting idea)
3. final draft
4. works cited pages
5.clairity index
6.mind mapping
-40% essay is work cited from research and no wikipedia, 60%must be own thoughts,ideas and analysis. times new roman 12 pt font,
Cultural Awareness essay
-cultural expertise
-cultural understanding
-cultural awareness
-explain major characteristics that define a culture in a particular region
-describ how those characteristics should be considered in the planning and execution of company level operations
-define the cultures in joint,interangency,multinational (jiim) community
-describe the common culture characteristics of one culture in the jiim comunity
-describe how the selected jiim culture is similar and/or dissimilar to the us army’s culture
-describe how consideration of culture characteristics can or should affect unit operations

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