Posted: May 28th, 2016

“Kao Corporation” and “How P&G Brought the Diaper Revolution in China”

Prepare a 2­page case analysis for âKao Corporationâ and âHow P&G Brought the Diaper Revolution to Chinaâ, using the Discussion Questions listed below.
Case Overview In 1985, Kao Corporation, a major Japanese marketer of detergents and personal care products, learned that P&G was about to re­launch an
improved version of its âPampersâ brand in Japan. P&Gâs initial entrance into the Japanese disposable diaper market encountered numerous problems. The
new, improved âPampersâ had innovative features, and when tested in use, was found to be superior to Kaoâs flagship brand, âMerries.â What lessons did
P&G learn? Discussion Questions 1. Why did P&Gâs initial attempt to enter the Japanese diaper market fail? 2. What marketing plan modifications did P&G
have to make for the Japanese market? 3. How are Japanese consumers and marketing practices different from their counterparts in the U.S.? 4. How is
diaper consumer behavior different in Japan vs. in the U.S.? 5. What factors tend to discourage Japanese women from switching from cloth to disposable
diapers? 6. What can P&G do to reduce these consumption barriers, and what factors are beyond their control? 7. After reading the article about P&Gâs entry
into the Chinese diaper market, compare the lessons that P&G learned in the Chinese market to the lessons P&G learned in the Kao Corporation case,
including lessons about consumer behavior.

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