Posted: April 20th, 2016

How would you justify this solution to the management?

One of the pressures on the company when doing business in more than one country.

One of the pressures on the union when the company is multinational, specifically in terms of responding to managements advantages.

One example of multinational unionism.

One of the difficulties unions face in coordinating their efforts across national borders.

Cited all resources using proper APA style.

Wal Mart is known for its mastery of cross docking. Cross docking avoids placing materials in storage and processes them immediately for outbound shipment.
Why do you think cross docking is appropriate for some forms of warehouse layouts? Do you believe that cross docking would work for all types of products? Why or why not? In your opinion, does using cross docking in a warehouse affect any other operations or functions within an organization? Why or why not?
Justify your answers using examples and reasoning.

4.Linear programming is a decision making tool to help allocate resources. A recent application of linear programming is in scheduling television commercials during program breaks. Managers determine the optimal mix of commercials that meet the requirements. For example, Company B s commercial will be shown twice during Program Y.
Assume that you are the manager responsible for determining commercials. You have run the linear program and have a solution. There appear to be multiple solutions in the feasible region. How would you choose which commercials to air during a particular program? How would you justify this solution to the management? If a new constraint was added to your program, what would you do?
Justify your answers using examples and reasoning.

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