Posted: August 14th, 2015



There are two parts for this paper?1. your reflection + 2. think about one thing that you want to know more.

Instruction for the first part—reflection (750 words):
1.    Please be aware that this is NOT an essay, it is just a reflective paper, you don’t need to write an introduction and conclusion .
2.    most importantly, you should write your own thoughts and opinions after reading the article. E.g. you can write?what makes you think… ,  agree/disagree with anything in the article …  remember to take the ownership of the reading.
3.    no references are required in this paper, it is all about your ideas.

Instructions for second part (50-70 words, shouldn’t be too long, just simply state what you don’t understand and end with a question):

This part will be consisted of only a few sentences, talk about something you don’t understand/confused after reading this article, talk about why you don’t understand/feel confused or what do you not understand, and ends with a question. And the thing should be better to connect with modern university education.

The structure for this part should be like this.
One thing that I don’t really understand/feel confused/discuss more is……(and remember to state the content that you are talking is on which page, eg. p ??),  so why/how/what….

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