Posted: May 27th, 2015

Journal 2

Journal 2

Project description
REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Bonnie G. Smith, et al., Crossroads and Cultures: A History of the Worlds
Peoples. Volume I. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2012. ISBN: 13:9780312442132.
Read the Chapter 3..
This paper will separate in two part:
write only one paragraph,4 sentences about,1. What were TWO main characteristics of South Asia’s early urban culture and how do you think they compare to characteristics of urban Mesopotamian society?
2. What do you think the concept of “Indo-European” means? Why?

And half page journal about,
consider how the social structure of Vedic India compares with social structures of ancient Southwest Asia (as in Chapter 2) and with China. Discuss all three, and highlight what you think is important and why you think iot is important. Hint: Devote at least one paragraph to each of the three areas noted in this prompt.

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