Posted: September 21st, 2015

Jesus the Christ

Jesus the Christ

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Write an essay of approximately 2,500 words on one of the following topics:

Essay topics
i) To what extent does the New Testament portray a coherent story of Jesus Christ?

ii) Classical approaches to the death of Christ are opposed in contemporary debates.
Critique ONE classical approach in light of contemporary debates OR,
critique contemporary approaches in light of ONE classical doctrine of atonement (Jesus’ death)

iii) How do liberation theologies challenge and contribute to Christian understanding of Jesus Christ? Your answer must address ONE of the following Christological perspectives: liberationist (e.g. Latin America); global (e.g. African, Asian or ‘Black’); feminist; ecological.

This assignment will:

1. familiarise students with a significant issue in contemporary Christology
2. help students explore the interaction of history or context within Christian doctrine in Christology
3. consolidate the reading and research of earlier sections of the course
4. encourage students to research a range of Christological views and evaluate them
5. assist the student to structure a complex theological argument based on their research
6. further develop the students’ skills in structuring an academic essay in a major theme for contemporary Christology (i.e. New Testament portrayals of Christ; contemporary critiques of classical and traditional approaches to Christ’s atonement and the development of contextual approaches to knowing and following Christ).

Marking criteria
The following marking criteria should be read in conjunction with the Grade Descriptors shown earlier
in this outline under “Assessment Information – Grades”:

Task fulfilment

•the specifications of the assessment were achieved
Relevant content

•demonstration of a basic knowledge and application of the topic area
Understanding and Analysis

• includes an explanation, interpretation and analysis, synthesis and problem solving of the issue;
•demonstration of original and independent thinking
Research and Referencing

•inclusion of a variety of scholarly sources which are relevant to the topic; and
•correct and consistent citation of references adhering to Chicago or APA style
Structure of argument

•presentation and examination of conclusions and recommendations,
•supported by literature and logical argument;
•logical flow of ideas with appropriate use of headings and subheadings

•clear and concise writing and communication of ideas and sound grammar
In writing your essay, keep in mind the following points:

1.Show that you have understood and addressed the questions or topic of discussion.
2.Show that you have researched the subject well, i.e., that you have read and thought about a range of books and/or articles on the topic.
3.Show that you have come to your own conclusions on the matter and are not simply reporting the views of others. This is hard at first. But try to analyse, at least in a preliminary way, your own thoughts and reactions to the readings.
4.Remember this is a theological essay. It is not a personal religious testimony. It is legitimate to express your belief in the essay, of course. But the aim is to understand, express carefully, and defend belief, not merely state it. In the essay you will be expected to make a case for your point of view and support it using the kinds of theological reasoning that will be introduced in this course. This means you need to be at least familiar with theological points of view other than your own and be able to make a case for the view you wish to espouse.
5.Include referencing and a bibliography in either APA or Chicago style, listing the major books and journals you have consulted in the preparation of the essay.
6.Stay close to the word limit. More than 10% variation from the limit is unacceptable.

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