Posted: January 9th, 2017

As Jean, which of the two possible designs will you make and why?

Assignment option B You are Jean, an engineer working for a medical company ‘Kidney Care’ designing dialysis equipment for use around the world. You are interested in designing both for economically-developed countries and for emerging countries. In economically-developed countries there are working dialysis systems, but your design would be an improvement. In developing countries, access to dialysis equipment is limited. You have two choices remaining to make in your design: #1 A design using disposable filters that would be replaced for each patient #2 A design involving reusable filter that would be 100x more expensive but that could be cleaned, autoclaved and reused for each patient. You are aware of the following issues: 1. Purchase of disposables in the third world is difficult and not usually funded by charitable organisations and government entities that might be willing to purchase or donate the dialysis equipment. continued on next page Assignment Option B (continued) 2. The reusable filter would require much more training, and autoclaves and would be more expensive initially (although cheaper in the long-term (after 100 patients) 3. The design involving the reusable filter, in the hands of untrained personnel, could be more dangerous. 4. The first design would be more profitable for your company in economically developed countries because hospitals would continue to buy disposable filters 5. Manufacturing and regulatory body approval costs are such that your company can only move forward on one design. In the next quarterly innovation meeting at ‘Kidney Care’, you, Jean, have been tasked by your line manager to make the final recommendation for EITHER design #1 (disposable filters) or #2(reusable filter) in the form of a written report. The other people at the meeting will be who will be a senior engineer, a manager, a dialysis patient from your patient advisory panel, and a marketing specialist. As Jean, which of the two possible designs will you make and why? You should refer to a relevant code of conduct or ethics, and explicitly take account of appropriate ethical theories or frameworks when presenting the case for design #1 or #2. The written report must not exceed 600 words. Include the text of your chosen code of ethics as an Appendix (which will not be included in the word count).

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