Posted: June 27th, 2015

onduct a literature review on a cultural group. JAPAN

Of the 9 references I’m Providing 5 I will attach 4 of the documents to use and one is
Purnell, L. D., (2013). Transcultural health care: A culturally competent approach (4th ed., pp. 319-338). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company.

• Conduct a literature review on a cultural group. JAPAN
• Most references should come from the last six years, although classic references are acceptable.
• At least four of the references must come from the research literature. Internet sources are acceptable as long as they come from governmental organizations, universities, or professional associations and organizationsThis paper is worth 40% of your final grade.
• The headings in the paper must follow this order
• Introduction- Overview Heritage: 1 point.
• Literature Review: Complete a literature review on the two selected DOMAINS NUTRITION And Spirituality from the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence.( 4th edition)
• Headings for Each Domain: You may have subheadings under each domain.
• Recommendations for Research:. Create a list of 2 specific research questions based on gaps in the literature and the topics given. Research questions with methodology and procedures. Application to practice specific to the culture are addressed The research questions must be something that a graduate student can accomplish. For each question, identify if you are doing qualitative or quantitative research, the specific methodology (phenomenology, grounded theory, correlational, quasi-experimental, etc.), and a brief description of the methods to carry out this research.
• Application to YOUR Practice. Be specific, not something general that would be the same for any cultural group. JAPAN
• Summary: . A summary is an overview of the content of the entire paper.
• References.

Comprehensively addressed all domains and several of their concepts. Demonstrates an in-depth discussion of cultural concepts. Avoids simplistic description or summary of information.
Each research question is something that a graduate student can carry out. Correctly identifies type of research, specific methodology, and a brief description of the methods to carry out the research.
Several specific applications to clinical practice, education, and/or administration or management are specific to the group studied.
Conforms to APA format throughout the paper. Includes abstract, introduction and conclusion. Paper is well written and organized. Predominant use of primary sources and recent journals. Grammar and punctuation are correct


Sample Paper
See page 24 of the APA Manual for content and length
Literature Review: Brazilian Americans
See page 26 of the APA Manual for content of the introduction. Note that the introduction does not have a heading. For the purposes of this paper, the introduction includes content related to the overview/heritage of Brazilian Americans. Limit to one page.
Dominant language and dialects Temporality and touch
Diseases and health conditions Variations in drug metabolism
Communication Biocultural ecology
Pregnancy and child bearing practices
Fertility practices and views toward pregnancy Prescriptive and taboo practices
Meaning of life and individual sources of strength Spiritual beliefs and healthcare practices
Recommendations for research
Be sure to read the paper guidelines for this section
Application to practice Summary/Conclusion References
You will have a minimum of 10 references. Most references should come from research and data-based, refereed journal articles. Use textbooks sparingly – no more than 3. Web sites are fine as long as they come from professional associations and organizations. To not use trade sites, magazines, newsletters, Wikipedia or Web MD because these are not considered scholarly. The content has not been validated. A recent survey showed that 11 to 40% of content of these types of web sites is incorrect.

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