Posted: April 3rd, 2015

ITIL Release process documentation

ITIL Release process documentation

Task Name
Approved Change/Service Development
What are the pre-requisites that form part of this approved Change/Service Development
What are the responsibilities and the deliverables of the Release
What is the approach [Agile]/Time Frame
Budget Authority – what is this
Notification sent to Release Manager
Release Planning – Workshop (s)
Scope/Document Release – reference PID
Define and Priorties Release – Major, Minor, Emergency
Plan and Schedule Activities – Governance
Determine Release Team – Roles and Responsibilities
Identify and document Training, Logistics and Communication Requirements/Plan
Document Release Governance – policy, repository and control process
Document Delivery Strategy for Release
Summary of Release Planning Activities and sign-off
Release Building – Workshops (s)
Select Release Mechanism
Design Release Package – FSTD
Build Release Package
Test Release Package – Documentation /Support Escalation
Place Copy of Release Package on to Sharepoint for Review and Acceptance testing
Summary of Release Building Process and Sign Off
Acceptance Testing – Service Development
Build Test Plan
Design and Build Test Environment
Perform Tests and Evaluate Results
Perform Pilot and Evaluate Results
Obtain Acceptance to Proceed
Summary of Acceptance Testing Process and Sign Off
Release Preparation
Assemble Resources
Provide Advance Communication of Release
Train Support and Administrative Staff
Prepare Production Environment
Release Readiness Review
Summary of Release Preparation Process and Sign Off
Release Deployment – following agreed Release Plan
Review Deployed Release
Summary of Release Deployment Process and Sign-Off
Change Review
Operational Reporting against defined metrics and performance criteria

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