Posted: August 5th, 2015

Issues in International Trade

Issues in International Trade

Assignment 2 Question:
There are many arguments in favour of trade protection. These include:
– To protect domestic produces against dumping.
– To allow domestic industries to become established.
– To take advantage of oligopoly power and external economies, and
– To protect industries that are important for national defence.
Your task is to write a paper addressing the validity of the above arguments. Use examples to support your arguments.
The assignment must be clearly written; any diagrams, charts, tables etc must be clearly and correctly labelled, and explained in your text and any equations defined and explained. The quality of your argument, the clarity with which you explain and illustrate the relevant concepts and the way in which you relate economic reasoning to evidence is very important here.
Weight: This is the second of 3 assignments. All 3 assignments are equally weighted and are worth 50% of the total grade.
Length: 1000-1500 words, excluding references (absolutely no more than 2000)
Due: 23rd August via learnonline (original due date was 31st August, but have changed it such that it is now a Sunday)
Good Luck.

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