Posted: May 7th, 2015


In this movie, the soldiers leave their camps top go seek for the land that had been taken away from them by the terrorist group.. In this movie, it involves the use of heavy war weapons such as guns and bomb. It involves the Iraq government that has not experienced peace since 2003 with some of its neighboring country such as Syria. The emergence of a government knows as “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria“make the movie to have a draft shift of turn of events where they are in war with the Iraq soldiers. They make most of civilians to suffer under their watch where they work together with their Chiefs in command. It is realized from the movie that their tribesmen handed them over to the ISIS. The ISIS group was previously one of the branches of the Al-Qaeda
One of the characters in the movie asserts that the ISIS were trying to take over Iraq with the major aim of seizing the country as a whole regardless of the religion that was being followed. The militants of the ISIS are seen to have shown no favor to any of the religion within Iraq. They instead were massacring anyone that they were coming across or who opposed their rule. In response, the government of Iraq encouraged its citizens to enlist within its military in order to defend their positions in their homeland.
The war is taken at the door steps of the Islamists whereby the Kurd fighters are targeting any movements that are made by the Islamists. The battle for the control of the Iraq continues up to the point that the Iraq government releases there soldiers to come and help in containing the situation in Iraq. Through ought the movie, there is an evidence of brutality and grim of conviction by which the ISIS and the militia had gone.  At times, the movie shows the sang freed of some of the young men who are gunning down some of the prisoners and  at times they are seen calling or chanting the name of Allah as they are riding off on a suicide bombing operation

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