Posted: May 13th, 2015

Is it necessary to study abroad?

Is it necessary to study abroad?

FOR    Type of appeal and critique    AGAINST    Type of appeal and critique
Think of Italian sunshine, the cafes of the Netherlands and the cool style of Denmark. (source: Guardian)

Type of appeal:

Apparently, studying in abroad is not all about these beautiful things. There are unbearable stresses that come from learning new languages, meeting new people and circumstance.    children are too young to be alone in foreign countries    Type of appeal:

Children accept different environment easier than older people. Since there is a guardian who will take care of children, it might be good to learn other language and society.
Undergraduates who study abroad are likely to return with an appreciation of diverse societies. (sources: Guardian)    Types of appeal:
The word “likely” gives an apparent proof that people might believe.

There are huge possibilities for students who might fail to mingle with foreign society and came back to home country.    study-abroad programs are not required to follow these or any other safety recommendations (NewYork times)    Types of appeal:

For the UK, it requires oversea students to purchase insurance (oversea student health insurance) in order to get student visa.
Fight stereotypes by educating others. (source: Allabroad)    Types of appeal:

Stereotype is hard to break. Studying abroad does not provides chance to change people’s mind.    Also face the emotional stress of having a child living halfway across the world.    Type of appeal:

Nowdays, there are plenty ways of contacting distanced friends of family such as Skype, phone, and internet which might hinder the loneliness.
Once you come to writing your curriculum vitae, being able to enclose international exposure is a definite selling point. (source: Healthguidance)    Types of appeal:

Since there are thousands of international student, experience of studying abroad is not benefit over others anymore.    Many operators have been more interested in the cash than the students.
Types of appeal:
This appeal explains how operators might think about international student. All about money not for student’s gaining knowledge.

1.    Thesis: As globalism is getting an issue all over the world, there are numerous students who decided to study abroad with or without their family. Majority of parents or people send their children abroad and expect them to learn and develop themselves. However, there are definitely negative truths when positive things exist.
2.    Using the UK bureau of statistic about how many oversea students enter the UK to grab readers mind.
Body paragraphs
1.    Outline how world has been globalized, why oversea students occurs, and positive and negative information with legitimate evidences and references about the students who study abroad.
–    Giving opportunities to children that they can experience better and different education environment that they would not experience in motherland country. Such as friends, customs, and different curriculums (source: Guardian)
–    After return to home country, students who studied abroad are more likely to be success than those who did not go oversea. (source: Healthguidance)
–    There are many negligence of agencies which might cause big trouble to students
–    If the children leave their parent in early age, they might face to severe homesick that will fail the study abroad even relationship with friends or people

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