Posted: May 15th, 2015

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Exploratory Business Research-Based Report
Topic: Inventory Control
Part 1:Prepare brief answers to the following journalistic questions and submit to the professor for approval. Keep in mind that you can choose different questions but please use the journalistic approach (Who, What, When, Where, How)

a) Why have I chosen this topic
b) What do I expect to learn as a result of completing this research?
c) How will I use the information that I learn as a result of completing this research?
d) Who will be impacted as a result of my new knowledge?
e) When will I be able to share my new knowledge with others?
Part 2: Identify several scholarly articles on the topic and prepare an annotated bibliography.
1. Do not use Wikipedia or other such unsubstantiated sources of information.
2. use Google scholarly articles, Click the link in the Webliography for instructions and a sample annotated bibliography
Part 3: Prepare an outline
1. Use the articles in the Annotated Bibliography to prepare an outline.
2. Organize your notes

Part 4: Prepare the first draft of the body of the report
1. Write the first draft of the body of the report.

Part 5: Edit the outline and draft
Prepare the letter of transmittal
Prepare the Executive Summary
Part 6: Prepare the final report
1. Prepare the prefatory parts of the report
a. (Refer to the link in the Webliography for the format of a business report)
2. Notice that the report that you have been working on is the section of the business report called the body.
3. Use the information from the Annotated Bibliography for the Literature Review

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