Posted: June 17th, 2015

International Technology Management

International Technology Management

Written Assignment (50% of total module mark)
This is an individual based assignment. You are required to write a case analysis report based on the case: Innovation at Apple. This case study can be accessed from U- link.
In this assignment, you need to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the case including counterparty debates and issues in innovation and technology management. You are expected to use relevant materials from a range of sources, including textbooks, journal articles, conference proceedings etc. when formulating your assignment. Your analysis and evaluation should be backed with appropriate examples where necessary.
How this Coursework Assignment Relates to the Module Learning Outcomes
As outlined in the study guide (available on U-Link), the coursework assignment provides an opportunity to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and similar attributes in the following areas:
1. Practices, models, theoretical perspectives and interpretations of technology policy and the management of technological innovation.
2. The inter-relationships between the external environment (including technology policy) on innovation, and vice versa.
3. Contemporary debates and issues in international technology management such as the use of external sources of innovation.
4. Critical thinking and analysis based upon the application of knowledge and understanding from the module to cases.

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