Posted: January 4th, 2017

internalize intellectual standards

Journal assignment. Of the 10 strategies listed. Keep an intellectual journal, will be the main focus of this assignment. However, other strategies will be included. 1. Use wasted time. 2)handle a problem a day. 3)internalize intellectual standards. 4)keep an intellectual journal. 5)practice intellectual strategies 6) reshape your character 7)deal with your ego. 8) redefine the way you see things. 9)get in touch with your emotions. 10)analyze group influences on your life. Throughout the week you are to keep a journal. Within this journal, list at least three situations that have occurred during the week that are emotionally significant to you (meaning things you deeply care about). From your list, accomplish the following, while keeping each situation separate from the rest: 1. Describe each situation and explain why each was important to you. 2.describe how you behave, with precise details, in each situation. 3. Formulate at least two questions that ask what was going on during the situation, and explain your answer to each question as a means of self assessment. 4. Of the nine strategies remaining, remember you are keeping an intellectual journal, choose tow and explain how using them will help you in decision making to solve each situation you listed. Journal need to be 2 pages. Double spaced. APA. All sources used, including textbook (critical thinking) tools for talking charge of your learning and your life: Richard Paul,Linda elder. Must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted materials must have a complying APA citations. The main assignment for Unit II is a journal. You will detail three key events that have happened to you, raise and answer two questions relative to each situation (that means six questions answers total), and finally in each situation you will explain and apply directly with specifics two strategies you learned about in Unit II (for example, one such strategy is using wasted time). Here are some tips as we move forward: First, always complete all the required readings. In Unit I, we were assigned the Introduction. A test question might be directly on what is in that part of the reading. Always try to refer directly the key page on which an answer is given. Second, quoting a source is fine. Be sure to document the page, etc. for the citation. Also, key points should be made in your own words. In this way, even if you quote, you need to explain what the quote says and why you provided it.

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