Posted: August 6th, 2015

Integrative Seminars

Topic: Integrative Seminars

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Task 6.2
The interview
the objective of this task is to conduct an interview with the president, a director or a senior manager of a company. The purpose is to look at those who run the practical experience of the address elements.
Specific instructions
Theme: The theme of the meeting is “The five elements of management.” To access an image that illustrates the topic, (see the attachment). You will do an informational interview to a management by which you seek to know the skills they have this professional, Based on the discussion of the five elements of management: monitoring, communication, decision-making, integration and motivation. During the interview you must identify, through your questions, how these skills have made him a successful professional.
Procedure: You will take two (2) questions for each of the elements of the aforementioned direction, for a total of 10 questions. Questions will be written by you.
Make a stir of ideas (brainstorming) to determine what is the information you need for each part of the interview. Direct your questions to the objective described above is achieved. The following format has been established to perform this task:
o You must plan and conduct the interview following the guidelines below.
o The time required to conduct the interview may vary. You can run into a person whose responses are extensive, or, conversely, may be very sparing and give you short answers. Try to find the balance in responses because, remember, this depends on the written subdue it. It takes into account that it is very likely that you’re taking time off from work to the interviewee. Also, remember to be punctual and act professionally, and you do not waste time.
o The written work must contain:
– the name, position and place of employment of the interviewee
– where the interview was conducted
– a phone number where you can get
– the questions you prepared
– the answers given
– a brief conclusion.
• You can choose between two formats:
o Write the question and then the answer, as the following example:
? Q. What is your name?
? A. My name is John Doe
– Write the interview as a narrative essay and submit as annex 10 questions you asked.
• Example: I met with John Doe in his office in the city de_____, and I had the opportunity to ask several questions. He thinks that leadership is …

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