Posted: June 6th, 2015

Part II of assignment through reiteration of key points that then preview the use of values as a tool for cultural analysis applied to Roger and Me and A Dream in Hanoi

Simplified directions: First talk about readings and topics in Anthropology from the readings provided, and then apply these concepts or how they can be seen in the movies Roger and Me and A Dream in Hanoi (characters, situations, etc.) Also if you can not find A dream in Hanoi, just do this process with the documentary “Roger and Me”

Full Directions to assignment:
Paper # 1 Integrated Essay of course material and application of the latter as base of cultural analysis
Required Material
Underpinning the material that follows you should have an idea of what anthropology is as a discipline and the ideas and methods it uses, particularly in the cultural sphere as a means to define, understand and interpret the cultural world.
You should be familiar with:
Concept of Culture
Phenomenology and Social Construction of Reality
Shakespeare in the Bush/ Nacirema (Use of these works in approaching something anthropologically)
Steger: Chapters 1,2,3 and 5 (you do not have to include neoliberal elements of Ch 3 )
Values and Culture
Roger and Me
A Dream in Hanoi

Assignment: This assignment incorporates 2 related parts.
Part I: Integrative essay
The primary purpose of an integrative essay is to identify and draw connections between and among materials presented in the course thus far. Overall, the essay should demonstrate an understanding of these materials through your selection of points/elements you consider most significant and the ways in which they relate to each other for purposes of understanding and analysis.

Overall your goal in Part I is to demonstrate the ability to (1) select, (2) reiterate and (3) synthesize course material (which is then taken as evidence of understanding)

Set up paper as follows
I. Introductory paragraph consisting of a brief overview of what follows
II. Presentation of material including examples (multiple paragraphs, terms of organization to be discussed)
1II. Final paragraph that sets up Part II of assignment through reiteration of key points that then preview the use of values as a tool for cultural analysis applied to Roger and Me and A Dream in Hanoi

Part II: Applying understandings from Part I, coupled with the material on values (to be) presented and discussed in class: compare and contrast American and Vietnamese cultural values as evidenced in Roger and Me and A Dream in Hanoi.

Here are some hints:
Introduction to Part I: The Integrative essay should include a review of each of pertinent areas explored in the course thus far; including connections– understanding them and presenting connections re their relationship to each other

Provide logical transitions from one area to another

Distinguish between assertion and evidence as presented in course material

Identify methodological strengths and weaknesses of material as relevant

Especially as related to Roger and Me and A Dream in Hanoi: Look for similarity and difference in behavior and meanings.
While these are films and not ethnographies they present non-fictional rather than fictional events and people. Using these events and individuals as representations of cultural values compare the values material as relevant to American life as presented in Roger and Me, and derive Vietnamese values through an analysis of A Dream in Hanoi.

Summary section of comparative analysis as conclusion.


Steger Book Chapters 1, 2, 3 5

I will attach the other readings to the order.

Link to Roger and Me:

(please try to find movie or information/summary about ” A Dream in Hanoi”)

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