Posted: August 15th, 2015

Industrial Espionage

Industrial Espionage

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Industrial Espionage

Each student is required to submit a research paper (minimum of 7 pages maximum of 10 pages, points will be deducted on papers over 10 pages of content), NOT including title, reference, or other non-text pages, diagrams, etc.) on a topic to be selected by the student and approved by the instructor (note that abstracts and Table of Contents pages are NOT desired by the instructor). Paper topics must relate to the scope of the course and be submitted for approval, with an outline, no later than the end of the second week of the course (no specific format required for the topic/outline assignment). The research paper must be of high quality and in APA format (a web link and samples of citation format are posted in the Course Materials section of the classroom), with a minimum of 5-7 sources. All information that is not original to the student MUST be cited properly. Students are highly encouraged to submit their papers to MyDropBox (instructions are posted in the Course Materials section of the classroom) and have an originality report accomplished. The instructor will review this report and provide comment to the student if necessary. Papers must be submitted into the student’s folder in the classroom for grading, submission to MyDropBox for review does not count as submission for grading. Note that ALL materials submitted into the classroom are considered submitted for grading unless clearly noted as DRAFT. Listing sources on a reference page does NOT constitute citation. Citation to sources is required whether or not the student uses direct quotes. Information that is summarized or paraphrased from research sources MUST be cited. Note that the research paper will be graded in accordance with the Rubric and formatting materials posted in the Course Materials section of the classroom. Note that Wikepedia is NOT considered a valid source for reference. Citations to Wikepedia will not be considered as valid sources and will count against the overall grade of the paper.

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