Posted: April 7th, 2015



The primary thrust of this assignment is to critically evaluate advice and suggestions on how to be a better leader or manager.
Practicing leaders/managers are bombarded with such advice, especially in the print media. You are encouraged to select articles from practitioner-oriented periodicals in business or related field of interest (if necessary) such as Leadership Excellence (This magazine is dedicated to Leadership development, Management effectiveness, and Organizational productivity), Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Wall Street journal, or the like.
The article you select MUST expressly be intended and written for an audience of practicing managers or leaders. This articles must be instructive in nature; that is, it was expressly written to teach its audience how to be a better manager or leader, improve management skills, or enhance management knowledge. Therefore, select articles that provide us with information or help toward improving our managerial job performance or improving our skills as managers or leaders. Ask yourself the following question: Did this author write this article in order to provide readers with advice or instructions on how to become a better leader or manager?
The purpose of this assignment is not to summarize the article – this is not a book report! You are expected to critically evaluate the article and determine if it represents a valuable resource for leaders/managers.
Be sure to limit your critical review to one page (double spacing is not necessary). Ensure that the presentation and tone are professional. The critical review MUST be typed and a photocopy of the article should be attached behind the critical review with a stapler.
Note: Your written work will be evaluated on writing ability. You are accountable for the quality and professionalism of your writing (organization, grammar and spelling) as well as the information or thoughts you are trying to express.
Other details will be posted on blackboard.
1. Use the format that corresponds to the following recommendations.
A. Provide the Title, Author, and Source of the Article (properly cite the publication).
B. Briefly state the main idea of the article (what is the author’s central argument?).
C. Discuss how the main idea is supported by citing specific examples of supportive information (in your discussion, explain how the author’s central argument is supported).
D. Is the information used to support the main idea opinion or fact (explain why)?
E. How usable is the management advice provided by the article/column (Can this information be used to enhance the performance of managers? How does this relate to the concepts that are discussed in class?)?
2. Choose an appropriate article for your critical review.
The grade you receive reflects the quality of the article that was reviewed.
If you suspect that the article is inappropriate, then do not use it.
Use reputable, business-oriented publications. Avoid using articles that appear in publications that are not targeted specifically at managers (i.e. USA Today, Miami Herald, or other local, regional or national newspapers, etc) or that are less than three pages in length. Avoid using articles that address a company’s new marketing campaign or changes in their financial condition. Focus on management concepts that are related to what is being discussed in this class, broadly speaking. Remember, this is a leadership/management class.
3. Avoid making spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
Do not rely wholly on Spell-check, it will not identify words that are spelled correctly, yet used incorrectly.
Avoid using unnecessarily lengthy sentences. Every sentence should be clear and meaningful. After writing each sentence, make sure you ask yourself, “Why was that important? Did that sentence add value?”
The quality of your critical review reflects the effort that you put into it. Combining an unprofessional presentation, or tone with grammatical or spelling errors will inevitability result in a poor grade. Select articles that managers would want to read.

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