Posted: September 21st, 2015

Individual Business Plan part 2

Individual Business Plan part 2

This assignment will continue to build on the Business Plan you started during Module 1 – Business Communications, Assignment 2.2.

Open the Word document you created last week. You will add this week’s portion underneath the job description you created last week. Insert a Page Break at the end of the job description so that the new section begins on a new blank page. For this assignment, you will devise a recruiting and selection plan for the position you wrote the job description last week. Add a sub-heading to the Word document titled “Recruitment and Selection Plan.” You will need to include the following in your recruitment plan:

Will you use internal or external recruiting, or both? Explain your decision, including advantages and disadvantages of the method you selected.
Describe in detail how you will recruit for the position using the various methods discussed in the textbook.
What basic selection criteria will you use in evaluating the applicants for the position?
What selection technique(s) will you use (i.e. background checks, employment tests, personal interviews, etc.)? Explain the importance of using the technique(s).
The document should continue to be single-spaced, with double space between sections and paragraphs. Always use a standard 12-point font (Times New Roman or Calibri).

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