Posted: March 29th, 2021

In what ways does the letter of James combine the forms of poem and hymn?

Read the assigned readings from the textbooks:”The General Epistles” – LBC pgs 645-649 “James” – LBC pgs 675-677; 687-691; 694-695Answer the following questions from the assigned readings in the Lutheran Bible Companion.  These questions come straight from the readings so Be sure to base your answers on the readings but put them into your own words.  What are the “General Epistles” and what makes them different from the letters that Paul wrote?Define the terms “homologoumena” and “antilegomena” as used in New Testament studiesDescribe Martin Luther‘s treatment of the disputed books.  How did he respond to them and treat them?  Why did he question them but still use them and honor them?Although there are many theories about the background of the man, James, and his letter, which is the most probably explanation with a solid basis in the facts?What did James come to learn about both himself and his Jewish countrymen concerning Jesus of Nazareth?Describe the intended recipients of James’ letter.  Who were they and what kinds of issues were they struggling with?In what ways does the letter of James combine the forms of poem and hymn?  How is it also similar to the Old Testament book of Proverbs?Martin Luther is often quoted as dismissing the book of James.  However, Luther had a more complicated relationship with James than simple dismissal.  List and briefly explain 4 important points concerning Luther’s treatment of James.

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