Posted: March 27th, 2015

Describe a specific clinical practice background that leads to PICOT question

write paper based on the following PICO question:

In adults (P), how effective are lifestyle interventions (I), compared to no lifestyle interventions (C) on reducing the risk of diabetes and/or poor diabetic/glycemic control(O)?

Please use the 4 articles attached. thank you.

Evidence-Based Practice Project Guidelines

and Grading Criteria

This individual scholarly paper provides an opportunity for students to prepare a systematic plan to apply evidence into a clinical practice.

Instruction: Students must submit a clinical problem or PICOT question with 4-6 abstracts to the course instructor for an approval prior to proceeding with the EBP project. Students must follow specific requirements in this guideline to receive a full credit.

I. Introduction (25) (Estimated length: 1-2 paragraphs)
•Describe a specific clinical practice background that leads to PICOT question (5)
•Articulate the significance of the clinical problem and the need for an EBP investigation by 1 or more of the following methods (5):

o Use of evidence to establish the prevalence/incidence of a specific clinical problem/situation

o Use of evidence to establish the risks associated with a specific clinical problem/situation

o Use of evidence to establish the potential impact of a specific clinical problem/situation on clients’ quality of life
•Introduce the clinical question and set the stage for the subsequent EBP inquiry (5)
•Engage the reader and link to the clinical practice (5)
•A clinical question must be written clearly in a PICOT format with all five components identified, patient/population, intervention, comparison (if applicable), outcome, and time (5)

II. EBP Investigation Process (25)
◦Presentation of evidence investigation is objective, written in past tense, uses appropriate tentative language and active voice, third person, and utilizes the following subheadings:

§ Selection Criteria (5): (Estimated length: 1 paragraph)
◾State the specific criteria you established and used for selection of “best evidence”
◾Describe the selection criteria used and ensure they are appropriate for PICOT question

§ Search Process (15): (Estimated length: 1 paragraph)

§ Describe the search process in details that you followed in your comprehensive review of the literature relevant to selected topic. Provide rationales for the final selection of the studies included for the best evidence.

§ Include details about databases, source of evidence searched, the specific MeSH terms/key words utilized in your search process, and the specific types of evidence targeted in your search process.

§ Describe details of search results……………………………

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