Posted: April 2nd, 2015

Importing country product

Importing country product

Order Description

This paper is about selecting a country and find a product that you can sell in US or other countries. The imported product should not be well know from that country. for example, you can’t pick a car from Japan.

Here are the guidelines for the paper:

Page 1: Data: Location, climatology, population, economic measures (type, GDP, local currency, rate of inflation, average annual income, etc.), level of education, average age, life expectancy, political data (type of government, political system, external allies, super and supranational associations, memberships, etc.

Page 1 (cont.): Recent political history.

Pages 2/3: Product (description) to be imported: delivery, payment, distribution, rationale.

Pages 4/5: Product (description) to be exported: delivery, payment, distribution, rationale.

Afteraction analysis.

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