Posted: September 15th, 2015

Impacts of ethnic residential concentration upon residents' sense of belonging


The assignment asks you to critically reflect upon the impacts of ethnic residential concentration upon residents’
sense of belonging (including benefits and challenges) of a particular town centre (Cabramatta) in south­western

The town centre that you visit, Cabramatta, contains a number of different groups ­ these groups include the group that is the majority across Australia, as well as large concentrations of groups that are a minority within Australia.
When you visit Cabramatta for your fieldwork you should start by identifying the impact of each ethnic group
that lives in the area on the landscape: what groups live in Cabramatta, and what evidence is there of these
How does ethnic residential concentration impact residents’ sense of belonging in Cabramatta?

In your essay critically reflect upon the benefits (e.g. cultural maintenance, provision of services, etc.) and challenges (e.g. exclusion, stereotyping/prejudice, etc.) of ethnic residential concentration in Cabramatta. Utilise your field data (photographs, field transect etc.) and make reference to relevant literature. Five (5) of your own photographs must be included in the essay as evidence to support and illustrate your argument.

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