Posted: February 20th, 2017

The impact of diversity on organizational power, influence, politics and communication.

write a 10-12 page report using APA style and at least five (5) academic journal and business publication references. Select from one of the following options: 1) You aspire to advancing in your organization. Consider an area in your organization that you would like to have greater influence over or a promotion/position you aspire to achieve. Using the lessons in the course along with your personal reflections of your current positional and/or referential power, develop a plan of action. This plan should include: An overview of the problem or opportunity Anticipated timeline Determine who the true power brokers are in your organization that influence this area or decision (which may have nothing to do with titles) Benefits and action steps for growing or using your personal internal and external networks to achieve your goal How you plan to connect with those who yield tremendous influence who will be willing to mentor and advocate for you to enable you to expand your scope of influence to get what you want Establish or enhance your reputation/personal brand to enable you to achieve this goal 2)Undertake a research project of your choosing, as appropriate for topics covered in the course with prior approval by the facilitator. Some suggested topics are: The impact of diversity on organizational power, influence, politics and communication. How political behavior or organizational power might lead to dysfunctional consequences for the individual leader/manager as well as the organization. Profile of an individual known for his or her ability to wield power and influence in the business or nonprofit sector.

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