Posted: February 2nd, 2017

Identify TWO food items and their respective food allergy/intestinal disorder. Grilled chicken and pasta with lentils, peas, a glass of milk, and yogurt with peanuts and strawberries.

Question QUESTION 1 Match the nutrient with the food source. (Note: there is more than one correct answer) Protein Lactose Fructose Fiber Saturated fatty acid Unsaturated fatty acid trans fatty acid Omega-3 fatty acid Cholesterol Vitamin A A. smoked salmon B. steak C. multi-grain bread roll D. carrots E. margarine F. olive oil G. whole milk H. peanuts I. strawberries 10 points QUESTION 2 To make the meal below a vegetarian meal you would need to leave out the _____? steak with side of pasta with lentils, peas, carrots and melted butter 4 points QUESTION 3 The meal below could be a problem for people with common food allergies or intestinal disorders. Identify TWO food items and their respective food allergy/intestinal disorder. Grilled chicken and pasta with lentils, peas, a glass of milk, and yogurt with peanuts and strawberries. (extra credit for identifying more than two food items that can trigger allergies/intestinal disorders) 10 points QUESTION 4 Protein digestion begins in the ___ Mouth Esophagus Stomach Small Intestine Large intestine 5 points QUESTION 5 Registered dietitians strongly recommended that most athletes consume protein supplements. True False 4 points QUESTION 6 Saturated fatty acids are ___ healthy than unsaturated fatty acids more Less 4 points QUESTION 7 You have discovered that your LDL level is 200 mg /dL and your HDL is 40 mg /dL. What should you do to become more healthy? Lower your LDL and HDL Lower your LDL and raise your HDL Raise your LDL and lower your HDL Raise your LD and raise your HDL Nothing. This is a healthy cholesterol level 5 points QUESTION 8 _____ is an example of a fat soluble vitamin. 4 points QUESTION 9 Boiling vegetables reduces their vitamin content. True False 4 points QUESTION 10 Some vitamins can be destroyed by exposure to heat, light, or air. True False 4 points QUESTION 11 Match the vitamin to the respective deficiency disorder. Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin K Thiamin Niacin Vitamin B-12 Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) A. Scurvy B. Pernicious anemia C. Night blindness D. Beriberi and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome E. Excessive Bleeding F. Rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults G. Pellagra 14 points QUESTION 12 Match the mineral on the left to the description on the right. Calcium (Ca) Sodium (Na) Potassium (K) Iron (Fe) A. Deficiency can lead to irregular heartbeats and muscle cramps B. Structural component of bones and teeth C. Deficiency can lead to fatigue and low hemoglobin levels. D. Excessive amounts can contribute to hypertension 8 points QUESTION 13 Which organ plays a key role in water conservation? Liver Small Intestine Kidneys Pancreas 5 points QUESTION 14 Drinking too much water can also be unhealthy, resulting in coma or even death in extreme cases. True False 4 points QUESTION 15 Briefly, describe one method for estimating a person’s amount of body fat. 5 points QUESTION 16 Harry and Ron both weigh 140 lb, but Ron is shorter than Harry. Thus, Ron would have _____ BMI. a higher a lower the same 5 points QUESTION 17 Brown fat cells are specialized to store glycogen metabolize fat to generate heat store fat. metabolize amino acids. 5 points QUESTION 18 Christina is a 21-year-old woman. Her percentage of body fat is 25%, which is considered ___. too low healthy too high 4 points QUESTION 19 Jason consumes 4,000 kcal/day and burns 2,000 kcal/day. Jason thus would have a ____ energy balance. positive neutral negative 5 points QUESTION 20 Name one health problem that is associated with overweight and obesity._____. 5 points QUESTION 21 Which of the following is the hormone that is secreted by the stomach and increases hunger? Trypsin Ghrelin Insulin antidiuretic hormone (ADH) 5 points QUESTION 22 Skipping breakfast can lower your metabolic rate. True False 4 points QUESTION 23 Which of the following activities is generally classified as aerobic? Strength training Lap swimming Playing golf Gardening 5 points QUESTION 24 Regular exercise does not help with weight loss, because you just end up eating more. True False 4 points QUESTION 25 All weight supplements advertised on TV are safe and effective. True False 4 points QUESTION 26 Greg is a 20 yrs old male. What should be his target heart rate for a moderate-intensity workout? 60 bpm 100 bpm 160 bpm 220 bpm 5 points QUESTION 27 What molecule is the main energy source for all cells? Lactic acid ATP Triglycerides DNA 5 points QUESTION 28 Which nutrient should you eat after completing an intense workout to restore your stores of glycogen? Carbohydrates Fats Proteins 5 points QUESTION 29 Proteins are normally the primary energy source during vigorous exercise. True False 4 points QUESTION 30 _____ is a common symptom of food-poisoning. 5 points QUESTION 31 Drinking water from a lake can most likely expose you to which food-borne pathogen? E. Coli Rotavirus Giardia C. botulinum 5 points QUESTION 32 The FDA permits food to contain small amounts of insect parts, because contamination is difficulty to completely avoid. True False 4 points QUESTION 33 You want to stock your home for a possible emergency situation. Would 1 gallon of water be sufficient to keep one person fully hydrated for 4 days? Yes No 4 points QUESTION 34 Nutritional deficiencies are most likely to affect human development during the ___ trimester. first second third fourth 5 points QUESTION 35 ______ is a possible side effect of the early pregnancy (first trimester). (There are several potential correct answers, please name only one.) 5 points QUESTION 36 Rapid, excessive weight gain after the fifth month of pregnancy could be a sign of _______. Spina Bifida Celiac disease Low blood pressure Preeclampsia 5 points QUESTION 37 What are the TWO advantages of breastfeeding over formula milk? 10 points QUESTION 38 ____ is a common sign of a food allergy in infants 5 points QUESTION 39 Which of the following is safe feed to a 2 month old infant? Chicken nuggets Soda (Pop) Honey All of the above None of the above 5 points QUESTION 40 What is one possible problem with drinking caffeinated beverages while excersing?

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