Posted: January 25th, 2017

Identify similarities and differences in aspects of the organizational structure of the two companie

Some of the biggest companies in the Arab World include:Zain, Saudi Telecom, SAFCO, DP World, Yansab, Qtel, Maaden, Etihad Airways, Batelco, Emaar, Savola, ALBA, Sahara Petrochemical, Industries Qatar, AGTHIA, First Gulf Bank, ALDAR Properties, ADAVIATION, ASMAK,  Oman Cement.Select one of the companies listed above and match it with a company in the same line of business and of a similar size in Western Europe, North America, Japan, or China. For instance if you select Saudi Telecom you may match it with a telecom provider in France, Etihad may be matched to the German Lufthansa and Emaar to a property developer in Japan (the matching partners are just examples, you may decide to match with other companies elsewhere).However, it is absolutely crucial that the two companies to compare are in the same line of business and have similar sizeNext, you need to:1    Identify similarities and differences in the organizational culture of the two companies selected with respect to artifacts, values, and core assumptions. 2    Identify ethical and positive elements in the two cultures.3    Identify similarities and differences in aspects of the organizational structure of the two companies. (1,2,3 are the descriptive part of the paper)4    Explain factors behind similarities/differences in the culture and structure of the two companies selected.5    Evaluate the fit between structure and culture in each of the two companies compared.   (4, 5 are the analytical part of the paper)You may either write separately the descriptive part, that is points 1,2,3 and then go to the analytical part, that is 4&5. Alternatively, you may combine both describing and explaining at the same time

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