Posted: January 25th, 2017

Identify procedure for developing ideal solutions to work-based problems for Harrods

Tasks 1a) Summarise the meaning of Personal Responsibility and develop a set of responsibilities and performance objectives for Harrods employees. 1b) Explain the steps which Harrods can use to evaluate own effectiveness against defined objectives. 1c) Based on the methods and techniques used by Harrods towards their employees, make recommendations for improvements on how they can help develop the skills of their employees. 1d) Review and select a motivational theory which you believe can help improve an employee’s quality of performance. 2a) Identify procedure for developing ideal solutions to work-based problems for Harrods. 2b) Analyse a variety of ways which communication can take place at Harrods. Identify barriers to effective communication and how to overcome these barriers. 2c) Identify Time management strategies and explain which you believe to be the most effective for Harrods to use 2d) Suggest alternative ways for Harrods to complete tasks and achieve team 4a) Evaluate the effectiveness of SWOT analysis and Brainstorming in developing solutions to problems in Harrods. 4b) Develop appropriate strategies to resolving particular problems within business organisations. Please evaluate the potential impact from the implementation of your chosen strategy in Harrods.

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