Posted: February 13th, 2017

Identify and explain the most common yet significant challenge(s) you are likely to face in your future career

Overview: For this assignment, you become more knowledgeable about your career, college major or future life choices. You will research the trends in the career or major as well as the positive outcomes and challenges that you might face. Directions: In 800­ 1400 words (including your Works Cited page), respond to either Prompt 1, 2, OR 3 using a MLA­formatted, Microsoft Word file. Note which prompt # you selected in your heading. Remember to use 3rd person (ex: one, people, he or she, they) the most, 1st person (ex: I, we) only as relevant to develop the focus, and 2nd person (ex: you, your) the least and not at all if you don’t need to directly address the audience. ⢠Prompt 1 ­ Career Challenges: Identify and explain the most common yet significant challenge(s) you are likely to face in your future career. Investigate and discuss how some individuals/organizations combat this issue­­noting what you find to be the most effective solution(s). o Source Suggestions: In person, emailed, or phone interviews that you conduct with professionals in your field; instructors who teach in that discipline area; education, business, and industry­specific databases Research and Documentation Requirements: Although plagiarism prevention will be taught, all infractions will be penalized based upon the severity of findings. Research and documentation requirements are as follows: ⢠Use at least 5 sources to develop your essayâs focus. 2 must be from the CPCC database system. No âwikiâ sources are permitted, but they might provide you with a list of potentially helpful sources to use. All sourcesâespecially online onesâshould be reviewed for credibility based on whether they are current enough, authoritative, reliable, and ethical in agenda. ⢠Integrate your own responses to any research you incorporate. ⢠Borrow uncommon knowledge using the best methods: summary, paraphrase, or quote (Avoid over quoting.). ⢠Credit borrowed uncommon knowledge within your essay. Use MLA documentation style to demonstrate ethical behavior and so that the boundaries between the research and your responses to it are clear. ⢠Credit the sources used within the essay on the last page of your essay (not a separate file!) in a complete Works Cited bibliography. Use MLA documentation style so that your reader can link sources from where they have been used in the essay to the Works Cited reference information. Plagiarism prevention resources, such as the textbookâs citation builder and the Safe Assign draft tool, should be utilized to check documentation accuracy. ⢠Take every measure to avoid plagiarism. Hold yourself accountable for policies regarding the issue, and seek clarification when confused. Otherwise, penalties will apply. I need an essay writing is not very complicated language for my class ENG 111.My native launguage is Russian. I study English only 1.5 year

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