Posted: August 6th, 2015

Identify Barriers and Opportunities For ( Intellectual Property Marketplace and Educational Ecosystem Concept)

Identify Barriers and Opportunities For ( Intellectual Property Marketplace and Educational Ecosystem Concept)

This will be for a quick look report on a technology and your task is to Identify Barriers and Opportunities drivers for this technology.

Technology/Concept/Product is: Intellectual Property Marketplace and Educational Ecosystem Concept

Writer, please put the below important points into consideration for your research purpose:

One of the most telling sections of a quicklook report is the barriers to entry and the opportunities in the marketplace. The barriers to entry often determine the fate of the technology. Barriers can be bumps in the road or brick walls. Market barriers may be the size of the market is too small for entry, the market is dominated by a few entrenched companies, or the cost of entry is high.

Technology barriers may be costs of testing the technology to the market’s satisfaction, competitive technologies, or inability to retrofit the technology into existing equipment.

It is important to back up stated barriers with data in the body of the report either in the form of market feedback or market statistics. Without that backup a statement of a market barrier seems arbitrary. ( Please put this into consideration and it’s very important I see numbers/statistics. Thanks!

Often during the course of research specific market opportunities will be uncovered. This may be a potential licensee or customer that was contacted for market feedback. It may be knowledge of a way around a barrier that was discovered during research, perhaps testing facilities or partners.

Short Description on the Idea/Concept to help with Research Work:

“The idea is to create a marketplace for effective Intellectual Property monetization. This platform is primarily for startups, universities, government labs & agencies, companies, individual inventors, and independent labs to showcase and promote their research. On the other hand, venture capitalists, technology scouts, and researchers can make use of this virtual platform to source and invest in technologies of interest. The primary objective of the platform would be to facilitate discovery of licensable technology and expand techno-commercial horizons for high-tech entities.

The concept of crowdsourcing and gamifying technology/licensing/legal expertise to critique the IP assets listed on the portal, can also be explored in order to create a holistic IP commercialization centric eco-system. This may aid in reducing friction in the patent market that is fraught with trolls, lawsuits, and due-diligence efforts.”

Preliminary Business Model:
The marketplace portion of the site would serve three different groups of people; 1) Universities and government agencies/labs, 2) Corporate and Private and Non-profit large institutions (>50 employees), 3) Individual and small companies (<50 people). A proprietary algorithm would search existing listings for available technology on university and government agency websites and cross reference for date of last update, patents and status (with USPTO), and publications.

This information would be compiled into our standard template and made available for search. The second group of large institutions would be able to list as many technologies as they wanted to for a subscription fee. All technologies would need to be updated every 6 months when the fee is renewed to remain active. Technologies will become inactive after 6 months of inaction. For individuals and small companies they can list technologies single for a one-time fee. The inventors will be prompted via email to update their technology every 6 months and the technologies will become inactive if they are not updated. All technologies will be cross- referenced with the USPTO website as well as various professional journals for updates on a daily basis. A free membership to the site will allow individuals to be updated via email for pre-selected status alerts.

The second portion of the site will be purely educational. This section will address various topic regarding the law, regulations and marketing. This section will feature educational articles, “how-to” articles, guest bloggers, newsletters, and articles by thought leaders. We will generate ad revenue from law firms, consultants, incubators, etc through ads on the website. We are exploring differentiation by initially focusing on the life sciences customer segment for the content.

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