Posted: August 31st, 2016

Identify any amounts that Cisco reports as short-term investments,

Cisco Systems, Inc., is the world’s leading supplier of internetworking solutions targeted at corporate enterprise intranets and the internet. Using the instructions below, access Ciscos 2011 Annual Report.
1. Identify any amounts that Cisco reports as short-term investments, and as long-term investments. What changes have occurred in investments during the most recent year?
2. From disclosure notes determine the types of securities held in each category.
3. Does the statement of cash flows offer any useful information about Ciscos investing activities?
– Go to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) home page.
– Select the “Search Edgar for Company Filings” button
– Enter Cisco in the Company Name field. You do not need to enter any other information into any other field.
– Scroll down and click the Find Companies button.
– Click CIK 0000858877 CISCO SYSTEMS INC. This will generate a complete list of Ciscos filings with the SEC.
– Scroll down until you find the “Annual Report to Security Holders” with a filing date of 2011-10-21. This is
Ciscos 2011 Annual Report

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