Posted: September 21st, 2015

IA Math (Internal Assessment) IB Math Studies


This is a written work. The project is an independent research and data gathering project for which I must collect, prepare, organise, analyse and evaluate the data. It should be something  interesting   e.g cars and     downhill biking . “The relationship between the retail price and the price of petrol” or “The relationship between the weight of a car and its fuel consumption” might be interesting .  there is  a list of possible topics that you can pick from or even if you can come up with one then that is fine. The resources, if you can use maybe UK or Switzerland data, but the paper should cite where the data came from. As it is a relationship then it is two lots of data that is needed.

The math studies IA: use both simple and sophisticated mathematical processes and be relevant with the syllabus:

standard deviation, mean, median, percentage, most probability, addition, division and sophisticated mathematical processes are chi-squared, regression line, Pearson’s correlation coefficient and t-test. Not all are needed for the work but certainly the ones that work well with the data collected.


Grading criteria:


Thank you.

ps. number of math problems: I put 5 because I simply do not know. My last IA Math paper I did the following:
Finding the average for GDP and TFR,
Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient,
Scatter Graph with slope,
Variance and Standard deviation.
an investigation was done on the correlation between GDP Gross Domestic Product and Total Fertility Rate in 174 countries.

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