Posted: June 2nd, 2015

Human Resource Managment – PowerPoint

Human Resource Managment – PowerPoint

Your organization is building a new plant in the southwestern United States. This is the first time that a human resources professional will be part of the design team that is establishing the new personnel systems for the plant. You expect your candidates to be very diverse in their backgrounds and experience levels.
The plant director has asked you to focus on how you will develop the newly hired personnel into a strong team that crosses organizational boundaries within the plant. Prepare a presentation that addresses the following elements of a diverse workforce:

1.    How will you determine whether the candidates are a fit for the team?
2.    Discuss your design for a cross-functional training program that aligns strategic plant goals with each work group.
3.    Identify the training topics that you will use to foster diversity, intergroup relationships, and productivity within the plant.

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