Posted: August 10th, 2015

Human Resource Development

Write in first person for own experiences – In text referencing required and APA style. I have emailed documentation for your reference. Each question has own word limit.

Question 1: Individual characteristics and HRD (250 words; 5 marks)
Please consider the following:

1. The 4-stage model of HRD (page 32 of text);

2. The definition of HRD given in the text; “the possibility of performance improvement and/or personal growth” (page 5); and

3. The article by Salas, Tannenbaum, Kraiger & Smith-Jentach (2012), taking particular note of:
a. the table (page 80), which sets out a HRD process and
b. the discussion of 3 important individual aspects of HRD (self-efficacy, goal orientation, motivation to learn) (p.82).

Choose and discuss some of your own individual characteristics in the context of HRD (with reference to the definition and the 4-stage model).

Question 2: Career, learning and future plans (250 words; 5 marks)

Please read the following:

Readings for week 3 on career, e-learning, ongoing professional development, and lifelong learning (text + Noe and Winkler (2009) extract on careers)

Using selected relevant theories and details presented in these readings, take your own perspective (as a student and/or within a career) and discuss your future plans, (with consideration for relevant aspects of your stage of development, on-line study as it applies to you, perceived challenges and opportunities, and your career goals.

Question 3: Learning Styles (250 words; 5 marks)

(NB: Learning styles are not learning theories; they are a sub-part of learning theories)

a) Complete the PART questionnaire.

Present your results and briefly comment on whether you believe your scores reflect your actual life experience (noting the listed advantages and disadvantages of the styles if you wish).

b) Complete the VARK questionnaire.

Present your results and briefly comment on whether you believe your scores reflect your actual life experience.

Discuss how your understanding of learning styles could assist you as a HR professional, especially in the choice and design of HRD methods. Include examples from your experience or reading.

Question 4: Learning experience essay (800 words; 15 marks)
Use your text book, the Noe & Winkler extract (in “Additional Resources for Assignment 1”) and at least five academic journal articles in parts 2 and 3 of your essay. Rubric provided over page for your information.
1) Think of a significant learning experience that you have had and describe it very briefly. You could choose something from work, previous study, or a particular skill that you have learned e.g. dancing, improving your handling of difficult situations (e.g. making a complaint assertively), training someone else.

2) Use at least two learning theories to analyse your learning experience. You are expected to focus on the key features of your learning experience to explain how the theories relate to it (you can include whether and why/why not you would identify this as a positive or negative learning experience).

3) Discuss the extent to which you think the learning theories are/are not useful in understanding your own learning and discuss applications to your own future learning and your facilitation of others’ learning (in a HRD role). Give examples to explain your answer.

Learning theories that can be used include:
(see chapter 5 of your textbook and extract from Noe and Winkler, 2012):
• Behavioural (textbook)
• Cognitive (textbook)
• Social and sociocultural learning (text) /Social learning theory (Noe and
Winkler, 2012)
• Goal setting theory (Noe and Winkler, 2012)
• Adult learning theory (Noe and Winkler, 2012)

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