Posted: August 17th, 2015

Evaluating an IELTS test

Assessment Description
Write an analytical essay on pros and cons you find in an international proficiency test, such as IELTS using relevant second language assessment and testing theories.
Critically discuss a few pros and cons you identify in the test. Consider the impact of the high-stake test, on the test-takers, its backwash, validity, reliability, and educational, social and cultural perspectives of the test.
You should support your claims from scholar references. Less than 8 references (e.g. scholarly books, edited book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles).

Paragraph 1: Background information about IELTS, purpose of the IELTS (test types: academic-general, what  points: reading-writing-listening-speaking also mention;  test takers (students, employees), testers (teachers), test users (uni, collage, immigration, work place).
And structure of the essay (mention about what you are going to write: -reliability, validity-fairness-potential negative backwash– reliability)  200 words. 2 reference.

Paragraph 2: validity of the test. Discuss about IELTS’s validity. Does it measure what it purports to measure. Discuss about its writing or listening bends or both, also discuss about this validity for the test users.  250 words 2 reference
Paragraph 3: Reliability of the IELTS. Discuss about writing bend reliability. They use single marking, asd evaluate does it reliable or not. Think about from test takers side and testers’ side. Also you need to  evaluate the context of the questions.  250 words 2 reference

Paragraph 4:  fairness of the test and cultural differences. Evaluate its international situation and cultural differences. What are the social, economic, political dimensions of IELTS test?   250 words 2 references
Paragraph 5:  potential negative backwash of the IELTS, 230 words and 2 reference.
Paragraph 6: conclusion (conclude what did you write and give some suggestions for IELTS. 200 words

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