Posted: May 7th, 2015

However, the nature of the course and the class vote does limit us in some ways:

However, the nature of the course and the class vote does limit us in some ways:

•    Your essay must be about another “text” of some kind (this could be a song, essay, documentary, etc). The text cannot be “fiction”. The text must be making an argument. You can choose to write about more than one text if you choose and compare them, contrast them, or discuss them as a group.
•    The text you chose must relate to the course topic of “violence” in some way. This might mean that the text discusses violence. It might mean that you think the text encourages or supports violence in some way. It might mean that the text uses or portrays violent images or imagery to make its argument. I will be using the broadest possible definition of violence, but I leave it to you to prove to me that the text does relate to violence.
•    Your essay must discuss the use of rhetoric in the texts. If you choose a text that talks about police violence, it is fine to discuss police violence SOME, but you must focus on the rhetorical choices and arguments presented in the text you analyze. A thesis statement like “he is right” or “he is wrong” or “police violence is bad” is not sufficient. You should aim for a more complex and explanatory statement like “This text about police violence is ineffective at persuading because the author fails to provide logical evidence” or “This argument about violence in music is extremely effective because the author establishes his ethos as someone who is compassionate and well educated”.
•    Your essay should clearly identify the “stasis” of the arguments in the text you are analyzing (arguments of fact, definition, value, and policy).

Purpose    •    Analyze the use of rhetoric in a “real world” text of your own choosing.
•    Analyze an argument made about or by using violence.
•    Create a clear argument about the chosen text.
•    Gain a basic understanding of stasis theory.
Reader    •    People who have not read the article
•    People unfamiliar with the rhetorical terms from our course
Information    •    A summary of the text/s you chose
•    The rhetorical strategies used by the author
Organization    •    Organized logically
•    Focused paragraphs.
Style    •    Complete academic sentences following prescriptive comma rules.
•    Essay format

Length    •    Five pages with a Works Cited on page six.
Outside Sources    •    At least one “text” related to violence.
o    You should get this text approved by me BEFORE writing the essay.
Works Cited/Citations    •    MLA
Format    •    MLA Style Header (Name, Section, Date)
Spacing    •    Double
Font    •    Calibri 11pt
Page Numbers    •    In the Document Footer
File type    •    MS Word or Equivalent (no .pages or .pdfs)

Points    •    2000
Percentage    •    20%
NO RUBRIC    •    The essay will receive an overall “holistic” grade.

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