Posted: May 4th, 2015

History of the World

History of the World

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An essay (8-10 typed pages), PLAGIARISM IS PROHIBITEDA, must be 8 full pages, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and clarity of writing.if quoting, put quote marks around what you are quoting, and provide author’s name and page number in parentheses after the quote.
TOPIC:(a) Summarize the view of world history which Marx and Engels present in the Communist Manifesto. (B) Discuss how this relates to and/or compares with the material presented in other reading in the course (Brazier; Torpor&Buckles; Crossan; biographies of Jefferson, Lincoln, Churchill and Mao; other material you have found in encyclopedia articles in the library). (C) in doing this , indicate what you feel are strengths and/ or limitations of view presented in the Manifesto. (D) Finally, relate the material you have discussed, and the conclusions you have drawn to our own time.

4 sources(books) that my prfo. required
(1) Book Title: The Communist Manifesto, Writer: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Edited by Phil Gasper
(2) Book Title:The No-Nonsense Guide to World History New Edition, Writer: Chris Brazier
(3) Book Title: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to World Religions (4th Edition), Writer: Brandon Torpor and Father Luke Buckles
(4) Book Title: Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography, Writer: John Dominic Crossan

Other like Jefferson, Lincoln, Churchill and Mao, you can use internet sources

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