Posted: February 1st, 2017

What historical socio-political structures led to your chosen groups’ terrorist activities?

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 10 in Martin (2016) and the Part II Introduction in Capron & Mizrahi.

When looking at a terrorist attack, sometimes it is difficult to understand the purpose of indiscriminate death and destruction. Martin (2016) addresses the tactics, techniques, and targets of terrorists. In Table 10.2 (273) “Constituencies and Enemies: Selecting Tactics and Targets” Martin (2016) identifies six terrorist groups or movements, and then in Table 10.4 (298), he lays out five “Measures of Effectiveness” that you will use to evaluate a terrorist attack for this discussion forum. Note that Part II of Capron & Mizrahi (2016) provides additional information for the terrorist groups identified in Table 10.2 in Martin (2016). To check your understanding of the material required for this discussion, you may wish to access the quizzes and flash card activities on the companion website for the Martin (2016) text.

For this discussion

Select a terrorist group identified in Table 10.2 – Constituencies and Enemies: Selecting Tactics and Targets (Martin, 2016, p. 273). Note the “Activity Profile” for the group or movement. Identify a specific terrorist activity or attack by the selected group. Analyze the effectiveness of the terrorist group using the five measures of effectiveness found in Table 10.4 (Martin, 2016, p. 298), “Measures of Effectiveness.” Address one of the following questions. How effective was the terrorist group you selected in meeting their stated objectives? What was the impact of their tactic or attack? What historical socio-political structures led to your chosen groups’ terrorist activities? Was the attack justified and ethical from the terrorist organization perspective? Have you seen a change in the terrorist group tactics, techniques or targets over time? Your initial post must be a minimum of 500 words in length for discussion 1. Support your post with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly or official government sources. Use APA formatting to cite your sources in text as well as at the end of your post.

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