Posted: August 6th, 2015

Historical Movie Review Kingdom of Heaven

Historical Movie Review (His151)

View the movie Kingdom of Heaven. The objective is to analyze the material presented to determine its historical accuracy (You must research the movie to determine the historical accuracy). You must cite your sources throughout the paper and at the end in a bibliography. A series of questions will be provided to assist you in this process. You are to write this as a paper instead of answering bulleted questions. Cannot use Wikipedia as a cite source.

Name of movie title, director, and two leading actors in the movie.

1. Evaluate the historical accuracy of the film:

1. What is the film’s bias?

2. What does it reflect about history that is accurate?

3. Where may have the filmmakers stretched the story? (you must research the movie to answer these questions, what do the experts tell you?)

2. 1st Paragraph: Summarize the plot of the movie

3. 2nd Paragraph: Review the movie

1. What did you like about it?

2. What didn’t you like, acting, directing, etc?

3. Express your opinion of the film and three valid reasons for that opinion.

4. 3rd Paragraph: How does the movie tie into the history we’ve learned in class? What can you learn about the era in question from watching this movie?

5. Cite sources

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