Posted: March 26th, 2015

'Herbalife' brand

Write a report on the ‘Herbalife’ brand. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the issues and strategies involved in brand creation and management. (use the lecture notes provided to complete this report and back up the questions answered)

1. Relate theory to practice, modify applications and develop creative solutions to brand management challenges created by during products, organisational constraints and market conditions. (use the lecture notes provided to complete this)
2. Understand and interpret how current trends will influence the future development of the marketing industry in today’s design business.
3. solve business problems supported by a range of both quantitative and qualitative data.

INCLUDE: graphs, tables, images, links to videos


1. Title Page: Include- Herbalife, Student Name:, Student Number:

2. Table of Contents and Page Number next to it. (Include: 1. Introduction, 2. Brand Elements, 3. Brand Promise, 4. Target Market, 5. Positioning, 6. Marketing Mix, 7. Licensing/ Co-Branding/ Brand Extensions, 8. Recommendations, 9. Reference)

3. Introduction (What the report will include/ be about)

4. Company’s Background

5. Brand Elements (Answer these questions: 1. Name and Logo- How effective is the name, logo, word mark, font, colours, etc. 2. Tagline- Does the brand have a tagline. If so, what is it, what part of the business does it promote, and how effective is it? 3. Does the brand use a famous person/ fictional character etc to promote itself? How effective is that person/ character? 4. Does the brand use a particular song or jingle to promote itself? How effective is it? 5. Does the brand have any special tie-ins, example packaging? services?)

6. Brand Promise (Answer these Questions: 1. What is the brands promise? Association? Persona?)

7. Target Market – Customer Profile (Answer these questions: Who is the brand’s target market? Refer to Segments from lecture notes)

8. SWOT Analysis (Answer these questions: What are the brand’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats? Back up with lecture notes)

9. Marketing Mix (7 P’s) (Answer these questions: 1. What is the brand’s positioning? 3. What is the brand’s price point? Is this consistent with the brand? 4. Selling Strategies- What promotional method does the brand utilise? What is the message? How affective is it? 5. Which ‘tool’ does the brand use to get its message across?)

10. Licensing/ Co- Branding/ Brand Extensions (Answer these questions: 1. Is the brand licensed or does it use co-branding? 2. Does the brand/ company have brand extensions?)

11. Recommendations: Give your own opinion and criticism on this brand.

12. Reference: Harvard Referencing Style (include own research websites and sources, lecture notes and the extra readings provided)

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