Posted: June 11th, 2015

hemingway"s hills like white elephants pg:114-118 and chehkov"s the lady with dog pg:165-179

hemingway”s hills like white elephants pg:114-118 and chehkov”s the lady with dog pg:165-179

Paper details:
Each journal entry that you should be a minimum of two to three FULL paragraphs and approach or exceed a full handwritten page. This journal should be its own notebook and not used for other purposes. I occasionally ask you to journal at times other than the beginning of class. may When responding to literature in your journals, it may be helpful to consider the following questions. WHAT? Describe the “nuts and bolts author, genre, style, context, time period, narration, setting, plot, and so on So WHAT? What issues does it explore? Why is it important? Why was it created? For whom was it created? What purpose does it serve? NOW WHAT? What does it mean? Do you connect or relate to it in anyway? Has it changed perspective or understanding of the world? Did it evoke an your epiphany or new understanding? take this from (Norton) book

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