Posted: March 18th, 2016

Health Monotoring System

We started this year working on a group project building circuit over another. We started with 2nd order low pass filter, built it , test it and got the result. Then we built 2nd order high pass filter, built it, test it and got the result. Then we combine the LPF & HPF to make a band pass filter, then test them and got the result as well. After we built 1st stage op amplifier and test to get the result, after we combined it with another op amp to make a 2nd stage amplifier, test it and got the result as well. Finally we combined all circuits together to have a complete circuit. The purpose is to measure our heart beat by touching two photodiodes, one works as a receiver and one as a sender. We touch them by putting our finger on them to see the response on oscilloscope, also we have LED at the end of the complete circuit. That LED should show some light on it whenever we touch those two photodiodes. Before that LED we two diodes which allow the light to pass through and reach to the LED.
The kind of measurements we are taking are:
1- Simulation data using the Multisim.
2- experimental results using the necessary equipments such as oscilloscope, DMM etc.
3- Practical data using the Excel sheet which we put the date we got from the Simulation in Excel sheet as a table then do the graph for it. The same thing we do for the date that we got from the oscilloscope in excel sheet.

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