Posted: May 26th, 2015

health communication: critical application of communication theories

health communication: critical application of communication theories

critically considering the application of theory for health communication to a public health issue of your choice.

You will write a 3000 word essay that critically assesses the theory and evidence basis for a specific Health Promotion method for a chosen health topic and target group.

You MUST choose something DIFFERENT to the health communication resource you worked on in your group.  A ‘method’ could be radio broadcast, community arts work, use of printed matters such as leaflets and posters, use of electronic communication for health such as internet, use of direct face to face interpersonal communication, group work/discussion, demonstration for skill development …. etc.

The essay should include:

•    A rational for your choice of methods and health topic.
•    Critical discussion of the application of relevant communication principles and theories for the chosen health promotion method for health education.
•    Critical assessment the role of psychological theory in communication to effect behaviour change within the target group.
•    Appropriate use of relevant literature and evidence base to support your discussion.
•    Use of Harvard system for referencing

An excellent essay will demonstrate the following:

•    High degree of awareness of the health promotion needs of the target group in relation to the topic area
•    High degree of awareness of the communication needs and health literacy skills of your target group
•    Excellent justification/rationale for the choice of method drawing on evidence for effectiveness
•    Excellent understanding and application of relevant communication and psychological theory
•    Excellent engagement with  relevant academic health communication literature as demonstrated by the quality of the referencing throughout

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