Posted: August 31st, 2016

Do the headlines accurately describe the deal with Itagi?

What is wrong with the president’s calculation?

The Itagi Computer Company From Japan is looking to build a factory for making CD-ROM’s in the United States. The company is concerned about the safety and well-being of its employees and wants to locate in a community with good schools. The company also wants the factory to be profitable and is looking for subsidies from potential communities. Encouraging new business to create jobs for citizens is important for communities, especially communities with high unemployment.
Wellville has not been very well since the shoe factory left town. The city officials have been working on a deal with Itagi to get the company to locate in Wellville. Itagi officials have identified a 20 acre undeveloped site. The city has tentatively agreed to buy the site for $50,000 for Itagi and not require any payment of property taxes on the factory by Itagi for the first five years of operation. The property tax deal will save Itagi $3,000,000 in taxes over the five years. This deal was leaked to the local newspaper. The headlines the next day were: “Wellville Gives Away $3,000,000+ to Japanese Company”.
a. Do the headlines accurately describe the deal with Itagi?
b. What are the relevant costs and benefits to the citizens of Wellville of making this deal?

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