Posted: August 18th, 2015

Habits of Mind

1.) Habits of Mind are the characteristics of what intelligent people do (or don’t do) when they are confronted with problems, the resolutions of which are not immediately apparent.

2.) This is an expository essay, and must be written in the first person (as a personal essay). I will list two “habits of mind” that the writer needs to write about. One will be considered strong, the other will be considered weak.

3.) At the bottom I will write/explain the habits of mind. The first one is called “persisting” that is the one that is considered strong. The writer needs to explain why people/himself are good at it. The second one is “questioning skills” that is the weak one, the writer needs to explain why people/himself are bad at it. (Everything MUST be written in the first person).

4.) The essay needs to be at least 5 paragraphs and should NOT have a lot of sources.

5.) For both Habits of Mind the writer will need to provide examples, one school related, the other NOT school related.

6.) The Habits of Mind:

A) Persisting: sticking to the task at hand; follow through to completion; able to analyze a problem and employ a repertoire of strategies to solve it; ability to remain focused on the goal.

B) Questioning Skills: Develop a questioning attitude, continuing to ask questions of the teacher, questions of what you’re reading and writing, and questions about the world around you, in productive ways; Asks a variety of different types of questions; recognizes odd or unusual things in your environment and wonders why.

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