Posted: March 16th, 2016

a group case about Menton Bank,

This is a group case about Menton Bank, you don’t need to answer STUDY QUESTIONS in the case and I’ll upload the case later.
The analyze content should outline a synopsis of the case information, develop thorough analysis & provide detailed recommendations.
Professor wants us to apply specific models, framework, and ideas to the case and interpret the case with that kind of perspective. Further, keep in mind to use services marketing material only. This means pro doesn’t need to see Porter’s model or a model from International marketing etc. There is plenty of material in the services marketing course to apply and relate to the case. This also means we want to be thinking about how the recommendations improve the 7Ps, service quality, and customer satisfaction. In addition to that, I’ll upload our lecture slides later.
Here is the case analyze frame:
Background Information
7 Ps
Service Gaps
Flower of Service

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