Posted: March 10th, 2016

graphics draw 3D object 2

In this project, you will learn how to do user interactions, camera control, and 3D picking. This is an individual project.
Add more objects into your scene. For example, if you build a solar system, add a few more planets and animate them. The scene should have at least three objects.
Create a user interface to control the speed of the animation (e.g. slider bars).
Allow users to control the camera to walk around or fly around your 3D world. The camera view is the first person view. Use the four arrow keys to control the camera to go forward, backward, turn left, or turn right. Use the “End” key to stop the camera.
Additional keys may be used to speed up or slow down the camera motion, move the camera up or down vertically, or make the camera zoom in and out.
Allow users to use the mouse cursor to left click on a 3D object to select it and move it.

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